No, You Really Don't Need A New Analog Supercar No, You Really Don't Need A New Analog Supercar

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The internet can be an odd place. It's an open forum for new and revolutionary thoughts, a knowledge hub where one can fill their brain with a limitless supply of bite-sized chunks of information, and it's also the breeding ground for some of the most impressively misguided ideas in human history. 

Big Thrill, Tiny  Package Big Thrill, Tiny Package

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Follow my train of thought: In a local supermarket, walking through the dairy aisle after picking up a pack of mozzarella slices and whole wheat bread, I wondered how universal my mundane grocery-getting adventure was. Then, I thought about how most car enthusiasts, rich or poor, wanted the same thing for the most part: a thrill. That brought me to ponder what the most thrilling car was for the least money, and that led me to the EP3 Honda Civic Si. I had to have one.
  • F1 Flappy-Paddle Transmissions

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    One of the most heavily engineered and durable parts of a Formula 1 car is its sequential, "flappy paddle" transmission. Find out how this technological masterpiece creates the seamless, lightning-quick shifts it's best known for with this awesome technical video made by Engineering Explained.
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  • Lowering Springs & Coilovers

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    The suspension is one of the most important parts of a car. It helps shape the way the car handles, rides, but also has an affect on launch and braking. A great way to improve the way any car handles is to lower the center of gravity and stiffening the springs on each wheel.
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