VW T3 Vanagon Race Taxi VW T3 Vanagon Race Taxi

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What do you get when you cross a rusted-to-Scheiße VW T3 Van, a WRX engine, and a few crazies from Finland with a ton of time on their hands and an uncomfortably anal attention to detail?

You get the T3 Race Taxi. This 2-year backyard build, as nearly all things in Finland, was planned out from the start and carried out in a way that rivals most professional auto shops.

From humble beginnings, a hero emerges.

Here's the initial specs list:

  Car: VW Transporter T3
  Layout: Rear engine, rear wheel drive
  Engine: Subaru EJ20T, turbocharged, intercooled, wet sump oil system
  Gearbox: 2.1 liter 5 speed with limited slip differential
RJES bell housing kit
  Suspension: Independent front and rear suspension, coil overs in the front and the rear, adjustable sway bars
  Brakes: Hydraulic, dual circuit, power assisted, ventilated discs front and rear
  Steering: Power assisted rack and pinion, 2 times quicker than stock
  Length: 4570mm
  Width: 1920mm
  Height: 1900mm
  Weight: <1300kg
  Other features: FIA approved roll cage, 6 FIA approved seats (5 passengers), 6 point FIA safety harnesses, road legal

This is a build done right. It's a calm and collected van when it needs to be, but has no problems blowing your doors off on a circuit track. Be jealous.

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