Aaron Starnes

Aaron Starnes

I have a life-long fascination with cars and driving. When I was a boy my grandfather would take me to the junkyard and we would walk up and down the rows of cars. Hudsons, old Fords, Bel-Airs I couldn't get enough, and it seemed like he had a story about everyone of them. I remember my uncle had a C3 Corvette when I was little. It was a cream-colored T-top. I would walk around that thing over and over letting my hand glide up and over those curvaceous fenders. As I grew up my interests broadened to include motorcycles, aircraft and sailboats too, but my main love has always been the automobile. I maintain a couple blogs on this site dedicated to automobiles. The first blog covers the restoration of my 1949 Ford Tudor. After fixing up a handful of motorcycles I decided that it was time to do a car. I picked the Ford because it was the first all-new design Americans saw after WWII. That, and I like the shape. My second blog is called Cars and Cars. I set this one up to experiment with photography and hone my event-coverage and feature writing skills. My goal with both blogs is to share with others my passion for all things automotive. I love working with my hands. For me, there's no better feeling than the one I get when I put something together and it works as it should.

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