An Open Letter to Hot Girls Posing with Cars An Open Letter to Hot Girls Posing with Cars

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There are aspects of various car communities that transcend simple trends and become ubiquitous within the culture in general - concepts that are taken for granted as a staple in the community, regardless of the detriment they can potentially pose. One in particular that deserves a literary shotgun blast to the temple is a scourge visible in nearly every car magazine, show, and photoshoot: The "hot chick".

Dear Hot Girls Posing with Cars and the People who Promote them,

I'm a 20-something male that has more money than brains on most days of the week. I'm in love with all makes and models and not picky at all when it comes to admiring a car's qualities. Hell, I like the Pontiac Aztek and I've owned a Ford Taurus Wagon. I spend more time looking at pictures of cars on the internet than I do actually driving the cars I own. I also enjoy the female form so much I married one, and have no problem appreciating pictures of scantily-clad women and dabble in the regular viewing of various online accounts of women showing their unique skills. I'm your target demographic.

And I'm pissed.

I, like many other enthusiasts, treat cars as pieces of individualistic expression - an art form that is honed by many sleepless nights coupled with a few great and/or crazy ideas. When you feature a car, you're looking at the culmination of someone's hard work and craftsmanship. Putting an airbrushed, dead-eyed girl in a reverse cowgirl position on the hood wearing nothing but dental floss misses the point completely. It attempts to short-circuit any wiring we have as red-blooded men reserved for reason and instead attacks the reptilian center of the brain that deals with squirting seed anywhere it can, no matter what the cost.

It's gilding the lily, ruining any beauty found in the initial concept and replacing it with the kind of cheap flash you get behind the counter at a convenience store.

Yeah, that's much better.

We as a civilization have evolved to understand our more primal impulses and do well to reject the ones that could get us into trouble for the most part. When you take a car - a product of that civilization's technological triumph - and put it next to a symbol of some animalistic sexual fantasy, you get chocolate spaghetti, a result that's orders of magnitude worse than if you had separated the two concepts to begin with. You're essentially treating adults like infants that have neither the ability nor the need to reason properly.

Your spank bank, now brough to you by Toyota!

Imagine that instead of cars, printers are all the rage. Countless magazines and clubs form, devoted to modifying and acquiring the latest and greatest printers, and on the covers of said magazines and forefront of said shows are college sophomores that have more student loan debt than they do fatherly advice, with the hopes that one day the nearly nude pictures they did for a company that sells copier toner will get them a chance to sit on a black couch and potentially make $1000-$5000 a day if they're really good at following directions.

Next stop: THE WORLD!

In addition, the booth babe concept makes it harder for regular women to enter the arena and contribute something notable. Imagine taking a young woman to a major import or hot rod show without seeing that the only roles women like her play in the production are walking around in pasties, giving reluctant hugs, and calling security on the touchy guy that just downed his 8th Miller Lite in his "If you can't DODGE it, RAM it" sleveless tee. I'm all for objectification of the sexes when it's the only purpose of the product within the culture, such as designer clothing within fashion, but when it's something that requires intelligence and skill rather than physical appearance, aspiring women enthusiasts may find themselves in a tough spot trying to belong in the community.

In conclusion, please stop trying to make my love of cars something that turns my biology against me in order for you to make a buck. Stop making the car community a forum that sells boner pills. Stop making it difficult for our car-loving daughters, wives, and sisters to integrate into the community without being exposed to the "tits or GTFO" mindset. Let's work together to raise the bar in the community, to make it more initially inclusive, and to let the world know that car culture is indeed more than the sum of its parts.

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