Matthew Kolabinski

Matthew Kolabinski

Matthew is an unapologetic, crass, and absolutely brilliant contributor to APiDA Online. He drives a Mustang and writes for his own blog as well, entitled "Let's Just Drive"

Here's his "about me" article:

I am just one of the contributors to this completely unprofessional, totally free form, automotive blog. To the best of my recollection, this all came together thanks primarily to two of my most excellent friends, Garrett and Christopher. What originally formed as a facebook group of like-minded people began to take on a gradual and undirected form and has resulted (though I won't say culminated, as I hope it gets better from here) in this blog. 

My personal take on "Let's Just Drive" is that we are less formal then your average automotive blog and that's probably because we aren't really trying to be the new TTAC, or Jalopnik or Autoblog. We don't have the funding or the time. What we are about, as I understand our vague, non-existent mission statement, is sharing our own adventures on the road, talking about our on-going projects and generally discussing the world of motoring as it relates to and interests us. That's my take.

About me; I'm a thirty-something enthusiast. I'm married and my wife and I are expecting our first child. This isn't my job, it's just a hobby, as my real job is currently in the private security sector. At present I own a Mustang and am an admitted Mustang Guy. I have owned two, with the first being pretty much my first car. It was a 1988 Ford Mustang GT with a host of basement price, hack job modifications into it. My current pony is a 2006 V6 which I'd started down the road to bolt-on power before the news of our immanent parental obligations pushed that on to the back burner.

I've owned and driven a variety of vehicles, though only one automatic in my life and that was with the intent of a tranny and engine swap (which never happened). I'm pretty much a hardliner when it comes to transmission choice as, to my mind, there's only one and it comes with a stick and a third pedal. I've spent some time under the hood and under the lift, but my real interest is behind the wheel not the in the engine bay.

Making my home in beautiful Victoria, British Columbia, I'm spoiled when it comes to seeing, finding or spotting old, rare and unusual vehicles. You can rest assured that as this blog goes on I'll be sharing some of those wonderful summertime finds here. However, having lived in Vancouver (among others) I was also spoiled by high-dollar, top-brand supercars roving the streets.

I think my interest falls somewhere in the middle. That said, I appreciate a wide variety of cars! I refuse to limit myself, to pin myself down to a single brand or a particular genre. There is just too much out there to take in that I could not imagine fencing my interest in.

Whenever possible, I like to get out to the meet and greet shows. If it's a cars and coffee meet, I'd love to know about it. No matter the genre. If I can, I always try and attend the big events in my local area.

Oh, and I really enjoy writing. Between my enthusiasm for cars, passion for journalism and the wonderful area in which I live, it seems like a no brainer to start blogging some of this stuff.

So that said, I'm happy to be here and glad you're here, too because as much as I am writing for myself, I'm writing for you, the reader, too.

Let the games begin!

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