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Not your dad's Lexus

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SC300 + 2JZGTE + 80mm Turbo + Anti-Lag = One hell of a 1/4 mile run. Check out how Chris Threadgill's monster tears up the strip in this clip.

Chris' Lexus SC300 was built and tuned by Sound Performance, a shop known for their insane quality turbo kits and engine builds, ranging from anything from a Scion tC to a Nissan GTR. This held the spot as fastest Lexus SC300 in the world for quite a while, and if you keep in mind that the drivetrain is virtually identical to that of the Toyota Supra, that's no small feat.

Here's a compilation of Chris' monster Lexus on the dyno - putting down 970WHP on a "conservative" tune, at the track, and generally raising hell:

This scientifically proves that there is no such thing as too much boost.

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